The way forward
to the ultimate safe nuclear reactor

Presentations and lecture videos

Please find below an overview of lecture videos and presentations of the MSR Summer School.

Lecture videos:
MSR concepts
Neutronics of MSR
Integral safety analysis
Fuel cycle aspects of MSR
Thermal-hydraulics and CFD
Multiphysics simulation of MSR
Control strategies of MSR
Kinetics and dynamics of MSR
Thermodynamics and physico chemical properties salts
Materials and metals in MSR
Reprocessing of salt

Sunday July 2, 2017

Welcome by Politecnico di Milano Antonio Cammi (POLIMI)
Lessons from the past: MSR in the fitties and sixties Cyril Rodenburg (Terrestrial Energy)
Historical MSR programme in Russia Victor Ignatiev (Kurchatov Institute)

Monday July 3, 2017

MSR concepts Jan Leen Kloosterman (TU Delft)
Neutronics of MSR Sandra Dulla (POLITO)
Integral safety analysis part 1, part 2, part 3 Elsa Merle (CNRS)
Fuel cycle aspects of MSR Jiri Krepel (PSI)
Thermal-hydraulics and CFD Pablo Rubiolo (CNRS)
Multiphysics simulation of MSR Danny Lathouwers (TU Delft)
Control strategies of MSR Stefano Lorenzi (POLIMI)

Tuesday July 4, 2017

Kinetics and dynamics (incl noise analysis) of MSRĀ  Imre Pazsit (Chalmers Univ)
Thermodynamics analysis of salts Physico-Chemical properties of salts Ondrej Benes (JRC-ITU)
Materials and metals in MSR Victor Ignatiev (Kurchatov Institute)
Reprocessing of salt Sylvie Delpech (CNRS)