The way forward
to the ultimate safe nuclear reactor

SAMOFAR has its own YouTube channel!


SAMOFAR has its own YouTube channel

SAMOFAR created an own channel on Youtube with the goal to show the contribution nuclear fission energy can make to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions like CO2 and to reduce the climate change resulting from this.

The solution we offer is the Molten Salt Fast Reactor (MSFR) which is a new form of nuclear energy using thorium instead of uranium and using a molten salt as a fuel and coolant instead of solid fuel rods. This technology offers a paradigm shift towards a truly safe and clean nuclear energy model with energy resources sufficient for tens of thousands of years and with no production of long-lived nuclear waste.

If you want to learn more about nuclear fission energy in general, please follow the online education made in the framework of the GENTLE project. You can find these movies at

We hope you enjoy watching this channel and that you will support our efforts to promote this new nuclear technology for the benefit of mankind.