The way forward
to the ultimate safe nuclear reactor

Final meeting

July 4-5, 2019, Delft, The Netherlands

SAMOFAR (Safety Assessment of the Molten Salt Fast Reactor) is one of the major Research and Innovation projects in the Horizon 2020 Euratom research programme. The grand objective of the project is to deliver a breakthrough in nuclear safety and nuclear waste management to make nuclear energy truly safe and sustainable. To this end, a new type of nuclear reactor, the Molten Salt Fast Reactor (MSFR), has been developed, whose key safety features will be demonstrated in the project.

We conclude the project in a festive way with a meeting on July 4-5, 2019 in the city center of Delft, The Netherlands.

The program will offer exciting plenary meetings: Work Package leaders presenting the results of the SAMOFAR project and invited speakers from all over the world giving you an update on the future of Molten Salt Reactors.

The event also offers you the opportunity to meet colleagues in the field of MSR.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Jan Leen Kloosterman
Project Coördinator