The way forward
to the ultimate safe nuclear reactor

Presentations of Final Meeting

SAMOFAR Final Meeting, July 4, 2019

Welcome and Introduction by Jan Leen Kloosterman, coordinator of SAMOFAR project

Overview of SAMOFAR results
WP1 overview by Elsa Merle
WP2 overview by Ondrej Benes
WP3 overview by Marco Ricotti
WP5 overview by Sylvie Delpech
WP4 overview by Lathouwers

Work Package 1

‘Overview of the safety analysis of the MSFR’by Stephane Beils
‘Identification of the PIEs with the FFMEA and MLD approaches’by Anna-Chiara Uggenti
‘Propositions and conclusions concerning the safety evaluation and demonstration’ by Elsa Merle

Work Package 2

‘Thermodynamic properties of MSFR fuel’ by Ondrej Benes
‘Thermo-physical properties of MSFR fuel’ by Sara Mastromarino
‘Molecular Dynamics simulations of MSFR fuel’ by Sergii Nichenko

Work Package 3

‘Modelling and experimental investiogation of molten salt draining transients’ by Pablo Rubiolo
‘Modelling and experimental investigation of natural circulation loop with internal heat generation’ by Stefano Lorenzi

Work Package 4

‘From tool development to transient analysis’ by Marco Tiberga, Stefano Lorenzi, Rodrigo Gonzalez Gonzaga de Oliveira
‘Uncertainty quantification studies’ by Danny Lathouwers

Work Package 5

‘Overview of work realized at IPNO’ by Sylvie Delpech
‘Results obtained for the corrosion tests of CINVESTAV samples and results of CINVESTAV’ by Gabriela Duran Klie
‘Overview of the work done during the project at ITU’ by Pavel Soucek
‘Synthesis and electrochemical study of actinides interest in fluoride media’ by Davide Rodrigues

SAMOFAR Final Meeting, July 5, 2019

‘MSR in Generation IV’, by Victor Ignatiev
‘MSR for management of minor actinides’ by Victor Ignatiev, Kurchatov Institut
‘Update on the NuSTEM project for Molten Salt Reactors’ by Adrien Couet, University of Wisconsin, USA
‘Progress in TMSR Materials Research’ by Hefei Huang, SINAP, China
‘Physics and safety research progress of TMSR’ by Yang Zou, SINAP, China
‘Leading the way to a bright energy future’ by Cyril Rodenburg, Terrestrial Energy, Canada