The way forward
to the ultimate safe nuclear reactor

Call for mobility grants

The call for mobility grants, launched by the ENEN+ project, opens on 1 March 2018

SAMOFAR Stakeholders Bulletin January 2018

We are pleased to announce publication of the first issue of the SAMOFAR Stakeholders Bulletin.

MSR Summer school

On July 2-4, 2017 the MSR Summer School took place in Lecco (Como Lake) in Italy. 86 participants attended the school.

Presentations and lecture videos and the announcement of the Best Poster Prize, won by Delphine Gerardin, are now available!

Webinar on MSFR

Watch the free Gen IV webcast.
Presenter: Prof. Elsa Merle, CNRS, France

SAMOFAR has its own YouTube channel!

Thorium fuel cycle in Molten Salts Reactors video

Jan Leen Kloosterman explains the Thorium fuel cycle in Molten Salts Reactors

NuFuel 2017

4-6 September 2017, Lecco, Italy

The deadline for registering to the workshop has been extended.

Thorium: the far side of nuclear power

ARTE TV documentary on Thorium and molten salt reactors with contributions of SAMOFAR partners. Watch the documentary.

Thorium Energy Conference 2015

Jiri Krepel, Paul Scherrer Institute, presents SAMOFAR at Thorium Energy Conference 2015 in Mumbai, India. Watch the live video.

Thorium in the News

On the 5th of November, TU Delft professor Jan Leen Kloosterman has been interviewed by the Dutch news broadcast 'Een Vandaag'. Kloosterman explains how thorium reactors, a sustainable source of energy without long-lived nuclear waste production, can be revitalized.